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Going for Gold (Excerpt from:Finding Your Way Through The Maze)

In July 2012, London and the World was gripped with Olympic fever; it was labelled as the greatest show on Earth and the games to inspire a generation. I think it certainly lived up to the hype. Men and women from 78 countries marched into the Olympic stadium in Stratford London, with the hopes and dreams of their nation riding on their shoulders.

What would they bring home, the coveted gold medal, the silver or the bronze? What I observed was that for some of the athletes winning the silver or the bronze was just as exciting as winning the gold. At least they had achieved something, four years before they could have only dreamed of winning the prize, but now they were standing on the podium and the fairy tale had come true.

Its not how you start its how you finish and you should aim to finish well. You may never become a world class athlete, but you can achieve something that will inspire others. So keep going for gold and never give uup on your dreams.

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